Vibrating Level Sensor VM
Vibrating Level Sensor VM

Vibrating Level Sensor VM


Main application

Solid detection. Integration into small to medium size hoppers for solids equipment

Vibrating Level Sensor

Main feature

No adjustment required

No commissioning is required and operational right after supplying power.

Suitable for virtually any solid applications

Insensitive to dielectric constant or static electricity. Suitable for virtually any solids and granular materials. Buildup on process connection does not affect performance.

Offers fail-safe functionality

High and low limits is easily selected. Safe operation.

Compact and low cost

Compact and low cost. Ideal for integration into solid equipment.

Principle of Operation

The detector incorporates a piezoelectric crystal and an acceleration pickup. The small phase shift of the pickup is detected and amplified. The amplified signal is applied to the piezoelectric crystal, and the crystal strains, causing the detector to vibrate. When the measured material covers the detector, vibration decreases or stops depending on the weight or pressure the material applies. The sensor detects the change in vibration, and gives an output to indicate level detection.