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Monitor Unit MP2000

Main application

High accuracy two-point alarming of any instrumentation systems. (plug-in type only)

Distributor for 2 Wire Transmitter

Main feature

Input signal is specified at the time of order. (4 to 20 mA DC, 1 to 5V DC, 0 to 5V DC, 0 to 10V DC)

Power supply range is selectable from 90 to 132V and 180 to 264V AC, 50/60Hz.

Set value is calculated to 0 to 10V DC (0 to 100%) before output for easy and high accuracy alarming

Principle of Operation

PS7000 converts input signals (voltage or current) to voltage signals to actuate relays.The unit has two alarm points for high and low limits, and triggers the high alarm when the input signal is smaller than the preset value, and low alarm when the input signal is larger than the preset value. A lamp lights up while alarming for easy status check.